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Family Law

At the Law Office of Brian Nguyen, P.C., we understand that going through a divorce is probably the most difficult period in a person's life as well as the lives of that person's family members. Because every family is unique, every divorce is necessarily unique. For this reason, we have adopted a client centered approach in order to achieve the client's objectives with solutions that are tailored to the client's specific family dynamics.

If the conflict between the divorcing couple is minor and non-violent, we take great pains to facilitate settlements that promote the best interests of the children; divide marital assets and debts fairly; and that help both parties move on with their lives with minimal cost and minimal drama. 

Attorney Brian Nguyen is also a trained mediator. If the divorcing couple finds themselves disagreeing over one or more issues but wish to avoid going to court to resolve their disagreement, mediation can be a valuable tool. Issues that can be successfully mediated include but are not limited to child custody; child support; property division; spousal support; and visitation. If successful, mediation can help the divorcing couple avoid expensive court hearings and trials.

Sometimes, however, litigation is necessary in a divorce proceeding; especially when the conflict is uncontainable and domestic violence and/or child abuse is involved. Whenever these scenarios present themselves, the Law Office of Brian Nguyen has the legal expertise and experience to help clients gain the upper hand in contested custody litigation, obtain much needed child support for financially distressed parents, as well as protect our clients' property rights.

If your goal is to protect yourself from an expensive high-conflict divorce prior to getting married, we also have extensive experience with drafting and reviewing prenuptial agreements.  The best way to protect yourself from a lengthy expensive protracted divorce is to hire an attorney to draft a prenuptial agreement wherein the parties agree ahead of time how they wish to divide their assets and debts in the unfortunate and unlikely event that they divorce.

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