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Personal Injury Law

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What You Can Expect From Us If You Hire Us For Your Personal Injury Case.

At the Law Office of Brian Nguyen, P.C., we fully dedicate ourselves to helping accident victims claim their legal rights whenever they are injured due to another person's negligence or a company's negligence. With our assistance, we fight on our clients' behalf against individuals and insurance companies that refuse to take responsibility for their negligence.

     We're Willing to Go The Distance.  Unlike many personal injury law firms that prioritize quick profit over justice, we do not believe in quickly settling our clients' cases for less than what they are worth.  While we proudly use technology, creativity, and wisdom to intelligently pursue justice for our clients, we do not take any shortcuts that may jeopardize our clients' cases. That means that we look forward to going to trial and doing battle with the defendant's attorney.  In fact, we tell potential clients that if they are unwilling to allow us to file a lawsuit, go all the way to trial, and/or demand arbitration to obtain maximum justice for them, they should hire another personal injury firm that prioritizes quick profit over justice.

      Because of our zealous advocacy; knowledge; and experience with dealing with the insurance companies and their lawyers, we often successfully obtain the maximum financial recovery from the at-fault insurance companies on behalf of our clients. 

Two Law Firms For the Price of One

For complex personal injury cases that require specialized knowledge and/or vast resources, the Law Office of Brian Nguyen often teams up with another personal injury attorney/Law Firm in order to supercharge our pursuit of justice for our clients. In these cases wherein our Law Firm teams up with another personal injury firm, these combined efforts come at no extra cost to the client. In other words, the client gets TWO law firms for the price of one, giving your case the personalized attention that only The Law Office of Brian Nguyen can give you, combined with the vast resources and litigation budget of a second law firm. 

Personal injury clients who were just involved in an auto accident or a slip-and-fall incident are often shaken up and confused about their legal rights and what they can do to protect their rights and receive the compensation they deserve to make themselves whole.  

Medical Treatment:

Two questions prospective personal injury clients often have are when and should I receive medical treatment for my accident injuries; and will the responsible party/insurance company pay for that treatment?   

In a nutshell, Yes! you should definitely receive treatment right away. Whether or not you have an attorney, it is essential that personal injury victims obtain medical treatment as soon and often as possible so that at worst, their injuries don't become permanent and at best, they obtain a full physical recovery. If you decide to hire us, we will give you the information you need to choose the medical professional that will treat your injuries as effectively and efficiently as possible and who has experience with writing ironclad medical reports that the insurance companies cannot ignore when deciding whether or not to compensate you for your medical bills, your injuries, and your pain and suffering.

And yes, we can persuade or force the responsible party/insurance company to pay for your treatment after vigorously fighting to establish that the other party is liable for the incident.

Property Damage:

Two other immediate concerns that automobile accident victims have is how they are going to fix their car and whether the negligent party/insurance company will fix their car and pay for the repair. While other personal injury Law Firms only represent clients for their personal injury claims, we also assist our clients with getting their vehicle inspected as soon as possible, persuading the at-fault insurance company to give our clients a rental vehicle while their vehicle is being repaired, helping our clients choose body shops to repair their vehicles, and maximizing the settlement they receive in the unlikely event that their car is declared a total loss.

Compensation for Lost Wages, Pain and Suffering, and Diminished Quality of Life.

Personal injury clients often times do not realize that in addition to receiving compensation for their medical bills and property damage, they can also receive compensation and reimbursement for their pain and suffering, diminished quality of life, their lost wages and their diminished earning capacity. The Law Office of Brian Nguyen prides ourselves on being as thorough and comprehensive as possible about discovering every inconvenience, setback, and trauma that our clients have suffered due to the accident so that we can maximize their bodily injury settlements. 

How much will this cost the client?

Because we represent personal injury clients on a contingency basis, our attorney fee is taken from the bodily injury settlement; which means that if we don't get our client a settlement, we don't charge our clients for our attorney fee.

Arming yourself with knowledge and the right auto insurance policy before you get involved in an auto accident or a slip-and-fall is also crucial. In addition to choosing the right law firm to pursue your legal rights after an accident has already occurred, it is also important that you take the right steps and garner some situational knowledge to protect yourself before you become involved in an auto accident or a slip-and-fall incident. For this reason, Attorney Brian Nguyen has written several blog articles including but not limited to how to choose the right auto insurance policy to protect yourself in case of an accident, what you should do immediately after a car accident, why you should install a dashcam in your car, and what you should do immediately after a slip-and-fall incident.  Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for other blog entries that are pertinent to personal injury law.

If you need effective legal representation or have any questions, contact the Law Office of Brian Nguyen, Professional Corporation.

 While this section of our website is dedicated to our personal injury practice, we also practice family law/divorce litigation and are trained in mediation. If your goal is to protect yourself from an expensive high-conflict divorce prior to getting married, we also have extensive experience with drafting and reviewing prenuptial agreements

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