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5 Things You Should Do After a Slip & Fall Injury

You're at the gym. Or the store. You're strolling along when all of a sudden, you black out! When you wake up, you're on the floor, your head hurts, you're dizzy, and you're seeing stars. For some reason, you're also experiencing excruciating pain in your elbow and ankle. Your clothes are wet! That is when you notice a tiny puddle of water next to your feet. Guess what? You've just become involved in a slip and fall and it's definitely not your fault! What should you do? Do the following 5 things and it could mean the difference between getting PAID and getting PLAYED.

1) Call out for Help. Don't try to get up if you are feeling dizzy or nauseous since it could make things worse. If you think you have broken or fractured something or have otherwise sustained life-threatening injuries, you should call 911. An ambulance will come and take you to the hospital. For less serious injuries, notify the manager of the facility or politely ask a bystander to notify management for you.

2) Take some Selfies. No seriously. If you happen to have your smartphone or a camera with you, snap some pictures of any bruises or other visible injury marks that were sustained as a result of your fall. Immediately snap some pictures of the object or physical condition (i.e. puddle or wet spot) that caused you to slip in the first place. Make sure the picture includes a wide angle of the entire scene of the accident. Note: If there is a wet spot that shouldn't have been there and there was no warning sign, it is imperative that you snap a picture immediately before management cleans up the mess a.k.a. gets rid of the evidence.

3) Gather Witnesses. Get their full names and contact info. Encourage them to describe what happened to management. Witnesses are crucial for showing who was at fault for the accident and injuries.

4) Get treated by a Doctor/Medical Professional. This is a DUH. A physical therapist and chiropractor is usually recommended. The therapist and/or chiropractor may recommend that you get x-rays depending on how serious your injury is.

5) Lawyer Up. If you've been injured as a result of someone else's negligence, it is imperative that you get an attorney if you plan on being treated for your injuries and compensated for your pain and suffering. This is especially true if the injury is due to a non-vehicular accident. One huge difference between a slip and fall accident and a car accident is that your latter is covered by your car insurance company. But who's going to get your back in a slip and fall accident? Certainly NOT those responsible for your injury. That is why it is imperative that you lawyer up if you've been injured due to someone else's negligence. The attorney will ensure you receive the proper treatement and get properly compensated for your pain and suffering. As stated above, it could mean the difference between getting PAID and getting PLAYED.

We hope you have found this information helpful. As always, The Law Office of Brian Nguyen, Professional Corporation is here to help you if you are ever injured due to someone else's negligence.

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